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Learn More About Canvas Transfers Narberth, PA

Introduction to Canvas Transfers Newtown Square, PA

Did you ever visit a museum and see paintings you'd love to have in your own home Do you like images found in print form, but don't want glass? Do you prefer wood or ornate frames reserved for oil paintings? Are you looking for something a little more dramatic than a print or poster but can't afford the price of an original?

Masterpieces Fine Art has the answer. Canvas Transfers. We are proud to present this incredibly unique process to our customers. Now order almost any print from our online store and we will transfer the image of your choice to canvas. When this incredible process is complete the print has the appearance of an original work of art. For the fraction of the price of most paintings, you can own a striking work of art.

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What is a canvas transfer? Newtown Square, PA

A canvas transfer can be made from virtually any print or poster. First, the print is coated with a special chemical which seizes the ink. The resulting ink film is then carefully separated from the paper and embedded into high-quality artist's canvas. At this point, the picture has an image true to the original painting with a lustrous oil sheen and rich canvas texture. This is known as a basic transfer. If desired, a reproduction can be further enhanced with one of two optional surface treatments.

  • Brushstrokes - For certain works of art, such as paintings of the impressionist era, the addition of brush strokes may be appropriate. These clear acrylic highlights all are meticulously applied by skilled artists in the pattern of the original.

  • Age & Crack - For truly old pieces, such as great works from a the Renaissance, a process called age & crack may be of interest. With this process, chemicals are applied to the picture surface to create cracks. Special pigments are then rubbed into the image, resulting in an authentically antique appearance

  • Finished Product - Once the transfer is complete, the canvas is then stretched onto supporting pieces of wood (also called "Stretcher Bars") and shipped directly to you or our gallery to be framed. You can have it Gallery wrapped (image wrapped around side, no staples), museum wrapped (no staples on side) or regular (staples on side).

  • canvas transfers - Narberth, PA

Remember with any purchase of art on our website or our store you receive 25% off your custom framing order.

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